Frequently Asked Questions

How Are My Keys Handled?

We require 2 copies of your keys, one for daily use during your service period and a backup in case of a malfunction, broken key or if there is an emergency involving your sitter, we can step in and continue uninterrupted service. All keys are kept in a secure locked location when not on our person and they are tagged with a code, not your name or address.  Keeping your keys on file saves you the cost and inconvenience of scheduling a key pick up for future service. We do not accept garage codes as a primary way to enter your home, as garage doors and keypads are not reliable and subject to malfunction.

What Are The Health Requirments For My Pets?

A current Rabies certificate is required for all pets (including indoor cats).  Rabies is a fatal disease that can be transmitted to humans.  If a bite occurs and your pet is not up to date, not only is your pet at risk, but also your family. We strongly recommend that each pet/animal be vaccinated, dewormed & protected from parasites according to veterinarian recommended standards.

Can we schedule some of the visits with you and the rest with a friend?


For insurance reasons, we are unable to share the responsibility of care with anyone else.  It's in the best interest of your pets to have the same person caring for them every day, so we are able to pick up on any changes in personality or appetite and also to make sure all of your instructions are followed exactly as you wish. Let face it, your friends are great, but their jobs and family obligations come first. When you hire a professional, your pets are our priority.

Will The Visits Be At The Same Time Every Day?

At your initial consultation we will determine your needs and give you an approximate time for our visits, we will make every effort to accommodate specific time requests, but cannot guarantee it. Pets that require medication are given first priority.

Can I Schedule Every Other Day Visits For My Cat?

A minimum of one visit per day is required for cats (3 visits for dogs).  This is to ensure the health and well being of your cat while you are away. 48 hours is much to long of a time alone, especially if your cat should become ill or injured. It's also a theft deterrent to have us visit your home daily; where we will pick up your mail & packages and rotate lights & blinds so it appears someone is home.  

Can I leave a tip?

Absolutely!  100% of all gratuity goes to your caregiver.  You can leave it separately on the counter or include it with
your payment, we'll make sure they get it.

Currently Serving The Following Communities:

Highland, Milford and White Lake.

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